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Rory McCann ArtMy intention is for this site to act as a platform to show the range of artwork that I am now producing. I have another site www.rmillustrations.com which has a wider array of my wildlife art. However, it poorly represents the work that I'm producing at present, most of which is pets (from dogs to horses) drawn in charcoal (which is a medium that I find especially satisfying to use). I have also produced a large number of cartoons over the last year, for use in events promotion and to accompany articles on various websites. Both of these are areas that I'm hoping to explore and move into further (read more)
Prints I have a range of images available in print (the complete array can be viewed on my other website - see above), a selection of which can be seen here

If you are interested in any avenue of my work, you can contact me via rory@rmillustrations.com